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10 Great Ways To Show Employee Appreciation

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The first Friday of March is National Employee Appreciation Day, when companies thank the everyday heroes who keep their business going.

Showing appreciation for those who make things happen is important for any organization, but it’s particularly so for a services business like a PR agency. At Crenshaw, we have a great group of people who constantly go above and beyond what is expected of them. From daily email correspondence with clients to new business pitches, our team members put in the extra effort that helps us stand out as a top PR firm.

We think this unofficial holiday should be celebrated every day by companies large and small. So, here are the top 10 ways employers can show their appreciation to the people who matter most – rank and file employees.




Try a WFH policy

One of the great things about working in PR is that it’s fairly easy to work from virtually anywhere with Wi-Fi access.  At Crenshaw, we work from home two Fridays a month, which makes everyone more efficient, cuts down on commuting time, and starts the weekend on a positive note. A modest policy like twice a month is a great way to dip your toe into a WFM policy.

Free lunch on the boss

Organize a company lunch once a month. It’s rare that employees eat lunch at the same time, so organizing a meal allows them to socialize and get away from their desks for a bit.

Make people happy after hours

The best way to say cheers to staff may be toasting them at happy hour. Being in Manhattan, we have some of the best happy-hour deals nearby, and we try to get the whole team together a few times a month to relieve stress.

Spontaneous outings go a long way

Has it been a busy few weeks in your company? Consider spontaneously surprising groups of employees by announcing an after-hours outing to the movies, bowling, or a nice meal.

Thank you notes still matter!

Kick off this unofficial holiday by writing thank-you notes (not an email). Handwritten notes seem to be a thing of the past, but a personalized note holds a great deal of meaning.

Say it with swag

Who doesn’t love swag?! Show appreciation by ordering pens, hats, water bottles, or even more high-end swag like branded sneakers or hoodies. PR pros love to brag and your employees should want to boast about the great company they work for by showing off nice gear!

The Wall of Fame

As PR pros, we love celebrating earned media results for clients. Set up a wall of fame and share some great accomplishments by staff. Brag a little about your team of rockstars!

Kick them out of the office

Working in PR can always be busy and stressful at times. Are you and your team needing to brainstorm for new ideas? Maybe change up your environment and take that session offsite to a local coffee shop, smoothie bar, or park. A change of scenery can sometimes help spark creativity.

Daily celebrations add up

Life is full of celebrations, from birthdays to engagements to a new apartment. Make a big deal of life’s little milestones and show your employees how much you care about them both in the office and in their personal lives.

Just say thank you

The easiest way to show appreciation is to say “thank you” more often. Sometimes we get so worked up with media pitches, press releases and new business pitches, we forget to express appreciation to one another for the hard work and teamwork we see throughout the year.

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