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5 Things PR Can Look Forward To This Summer

summer prThose working at NY public relations firms love summer as much as anyone — the weather, the abundance of events and the return of “Orange is the New Black” are just the beginning! Summer at a PR firm is also a good time to turn up the volume on fresh ideas for ongoing and new campaigns. Here are some sources of inspiration to get the juices flowing.

Cultivating the perennials. Every summer brings its share of must-cover stories, including but not limited to: summer camp, sun protection, vacation, and back-to-school. The wise PR team is way ahead of the curve on these story hooks, consistently finding ways to capture them and create stories for business partners. Here’s a great example of a topical story for client Netatmo’s sunscreen wearable, JUNE.

Making Olympic opportunities. The Olympics, along with any major sporting event, opens up ways to spice up writing and pitching with pithy sports analogies, personality profiles, and links to sports and achievement stories. Other avenues? We’re currently looking to work with a young female athlete as a potential product spokesperson for a wearable device, so if you have a connection to a suitable personality, give a holler.

Using election data. Like the Olympics, election cycles offer guaranteed opportunities for businesses or brands to weigh in, opine or borrow heavily to create an interesting story. We have had great success parsing data for candidate email campaigns, for example, the results of which garnered media interest from political sites as well as general interest. Or, if you’re Meryl Streep, then perhaps you use the opportunity for satire!

Navigating the new talk shows.  Every summer new talk and news programs are unveiled, and with that come opportunities for company spokespeople, product placements and media invites for cool activations, conferences and other events. This fall expect to see new offerings including Tamar Braxton headlining her own show, a televised version of the New York Post‘s must-read “Page Six” and something called “The Jason Show.”  One of them may be a perfect match for a spokesperson or product pitch.

Maximizing social.  The most popular social platforms remain that way because they do the job – creating engagement between brands and customers, personalities and fans. Summer is a good time to review all existing communities and to test new applications. Today, Snapchat is among the buzziest, with brands investing in personal “Snapchat stories” and Geofilters to help people find the most appealing content. And for those with a story at the intersection of artsy and sexy – check out the online Arsenic Magazine.

Need more cool inspiration? Check out this bubble tea video and see if it doesn’t make you thirsty for more!

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