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10 New Year’s Resolutions For Better PR Campaigns

The beginning of a new year brings a turning-the-page feeling of renewal. While we had a wonderful 2018, now feels like the right time to refresh and refocus our efforts for an even better 2019. In PR, we’re getting ready to clear an ever-rising bar. Sometimes you just need to remember the fundamentals. Other times, it’s good to take things into fresh directions.

10 resolutions for better PR in 2019

Keep it real

When the PR team is deep in brainstorming mode, it’s easy to lose one’s grounding. When conceiving a new PR program, resolve to make sure it’s built on substance. Formulate the program in a way that is not only creative and original, but that can actually move the needle for the most relevant audiences. Build a program that does something real, and the publicity around it will be generated more easily.

Get experiential

A study by event success software provider Bizzabo indicates that 62% of senior marketers plan on investing more in live events in 2019. We also know that Millennials (and all consumers) prioritize experiences over things. But, as noted, an exciting and enlightening business event that’s highly customized to your target audience may work better than a stunt that’s forgotten within a day.

Phone a friend

In 2019, we resolve to leverage our friends in mutually beneficial ways in our PR programs. Flexible, evenly weighted partnerships expand the bounds of so many elements of PR campaigns, and these collaborations tend to have exponential returns on investment. Partner up with a distribution company, key customer or a not-for-profit partner. Be bold in coming up with creative extensions to make the joint effort as big and successful as you can. Make the ideas irresistible and reap the rewards, jointly.

Reuse, recycle, re-tool

When brainstorming that shiny new program, don’t be afraid to look into the nostalgia file for winning tactics from the past. There’s no shame in adapting a proven idea for another purpose.

Do some real good

We resolve to incorporate activities that are designed to better society in 2019. A little thoughtful, sincere socially responsible PR can round out a successful program. But make sure the idea doesn’t come out of left field; it can and should come from a place of authenticity and be relevant to the mission and ethos of the company.

Dig into your data bank

Agencies that do a lot of tech PR have executed plenty of research, so they generally have a lot of data lying around ready to be collated or reinterpreted. When gearing up to craft a new PR program, why not scour your market research data for newsworthy nuggets for the tech press always hungry for data-driven stories?

Bring in fresh perspectives

We resolve to inject fresh voices into our campaigns. It pays to have quarterly brainstorm sessions that involve people unfamiliar with the project. Agencies should call in team members from other clients or other departments to brainstorm ideas. A fresh pair of eyes can offer a unique viewpoint that enlivens a brainstorm session and freshens up a plan.

Amp up the newsjacking

Reactive news opportunities come and go in blinks of an eye, so eyes must remain peeled to catch them. Most PR teams have their heads on swivels for the ever-important newsjacking chances, but may not have any formal processes set up. Perhaps 2019 is the time to set up a rapid-response protocol to avoid losing out on any chances to join a relevant conversation. See this earlier post for tips on reactive media pitching.

Start an executive blog

If your insightful, eloquent founder isn’t blogging on a regular basis, there may be a great PR new year’s resolution worth taking. Executive thought leadership exposure through original content requires some time and thought, but it can return dividends in the form of visibility, credibility, and brand voice. But be sure to blog regularly and consistently, adding real value for audiences. See this earlier post for tips on making a great PR-friendly blog.

Use targeted video

It’s no secret that video is king when it comes to targeted content. We resolve to use the well-documented power of video to drive engagement and provoke emotions. Video enhances SEO, keeps consumers engaged longer, and is more shareable than many other content forms. See this earlier post for 7 best PR uses for video content.

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