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Twitter and the Memphis Blues

First the Motrin Moms bring down an ad campaign, now an entire city’s a-Twitter over an ill-advised post!  The flap over the Ketchum executive who  used Twitter to insult Memphis, corporate headquarters of FedEx , which happens to be one of Ketchum’s larger clients (while on the way to deliver a presentation  to FedEx execs about digital media, no less) still has me amused.  Read details here.

It’s a good lesson about use of digital media and Twitter in particular.  It’s an even more painful lesson about  big-city myopia. I don’t agree with some of the Adrants comment s blaming thin-skinned Memphians, nor do I buy his lame excuse that his post was “taken out of context” even at 140 characters.  But, mostly, it’s offensive because I thought (naively) that new communication platforms like Twitter should make our regional differences less relevant , or at least less divisive.

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