Dorothy Crenshaw March 14, 2013 | 11:53:01

9 Things You Should Never Say To A PR Firm

Clients and prospective clients are the lifeblood of any PR agency. We love them! But they do say odd, confusing, and even exasperating things at times. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

“We finally figured out what we need. Let’s do a viral video!”

“We’re looking for someone to grow with us.”

“We’d like a campaign/stunt/launch like Apple. Something like when the phone was left in the bar.”

“Don’t spend a lot of time on it, and don’t write a plan, just give me an approach.”

“My nephew just graduated from college and has some thoughts about our social media.”

“How much for a press release?”

“The last agency we worked with had a good idea. Maybe you could do a campaign like that, but different?”

“Can you make this look great by the end of the day? But don’t change anything.”

“We’re looking at 30 agencies and hope you’ll want to participate.”

7 thoughts on “9 Things You Should Never Say To A PR Firm

  1. “We tried that, it won’t work.”
    “When will the press release appear?”
    (One day after you start working for a new client … delivered with a PERFECTLY STRAIGHT FACE) “Why aren’t we in The New York Times yet?”
    “Why do I have to be the spokesperson?”
    “I hired you because I want free advertising.”
    “My secretary rewrote your press release.”
    “Why do I have to explain what I do?”
    Want me to go on?

  2. Hi Dorothy,
    Congrats on being named one of the most powerful PR mavens. We miss you at WPO and appaud your success!
    Loved your article – saw it on PR Daily (

  3. You know after 15 years in PR I still the same questions you quoted … I tell them it media promotions not magical potions
    And my fairy dust is running out right now !
    What do clients want a miracle , do I look like Jesus ? More like Buddha on a bad day of too much caffeine and not enough chanting …. May Be our company is not for you , soon does the trick !!!
    Well done you
    JJ Kane
    Freelance media consultant not miracle worker ;0)

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