Colleen O'Connor December 23, 2020 | 03:03:37

A PR Pro’s Letter To Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

What a crazy year it has been. We started strong but were hit with a big curveball. We adjusted, thinking all would be back to normal within weeks. How wrong we were! 

This holiday season will look a little different from years past, but we’re hopeful for new beginnings in 2021. On behalf of PR people everywhere (or at least my peers and me), here is our wish list: 

Valuable stories in top-tier publications 

A top earned media story for a client always feels like a gift — even if we strategize and work for it for weeks at a stretch. But we’re greedy for more! Our wish list includes high-level stories in top business and tech media outlets that advance client goals. Sometimes it’s all about quality over quantity. 

A finalized press release after a single round of edits

Every PR person dreads edits to a complex announcement release that’s subject to full team review. Take a partnership release; often it goes through multiple rounds of edits and back-and-forth conversations on language and messaging. We’d welcome hearing the magical words “This can be marked as final” after one round of edits.

An increase in engagement across all social media accounts

Earned media is our bread-and-butter, but social sharing is the fastest way to create a two-way conversation with potential customers and partners. (It’s also a great way to amplify our earned stories.) We’re banking on a boost from Santa (and some creative tactics) to help our team achieve a healthy increase in engagement or followers for our social accounts. How about 50%?

More speaking engagements for execs at industry events

Executive visibility is an important piece of the PR program puzzle. As any good PR person knows, it can help establish credibility for a C-level executive among industry peers and be part of an effective thought leadership campaign. One way to do this is through keynote and panel speaking opportunities at industry events. 2020 saw in-person conferences move online, but our experts are still in demand. Let’s continue this momentum and highlight our executives at high-profile events – maybe even in-person!

A healthy number of new business wins

There’s something exciting about getting a fresh RFP from a prospective client. It gives us the opportunity to display expertise, brag about past work, and strategize for high-growth B2B companies in the tech space. Help us seal the deal with new prospects for successful partnerships in 2021. 

A return to office life 

Speaking for myself, this has been a tough year working from home. PR pros are traditionally social people, and most of us thrive when we can see co-workers every day. 2021 looks promising, and we’re hoping to be reunited after many long months. I think even the introverts among us are hoping for this gift.

Happy Holidays and here’s to a year of hope and possibility in 2021!

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