Brian LaRue

PR Fish Bowl, public relations • March 2, 2024

Top Ways To Lose An Industry Award in 2024

It might feel like 2024 has just started, but in the tech PR business, “awards season” has a way of creeping up on PR and marketing teams. It’s important decide early which achievements, leaders, and stories you want to highlight. Industry awards are an important part of a PR strategy, especially for B2B brands. An […]

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PR Fish Bowl • January 10, 2024

Changing Content Consumption Trends And What They Mean For PR

The way we consume media – in terms of formats, channels, platforms, and more – is in a state of constant evolution. For PR professionals, it’s not enough to be “on social,” “into video,” or “always on mobile.” PR teams need to note what’s driving trends in content consumption – whether it be convenience, price […]

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ImPRessions, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • January 5, 2024

PR Industry Trends: Top PR Predictions For 2024

With the new year kicking into gear, experts are weighing in on what PR teams should be looking out for in 2024. Those who work in PR and media have seen a whirlwind 2023. We’re getting a handle on how to use generative AI ethically and with impact, riding the waves of an evolving social […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • January 3, 2024

Top PR Insights From 2023 – It’s More Than AI!

This year, our PR team published dozens of blog posts, sharing PR insights and unpacking trends from a variety of perspectives. They’re based on the experience and direct observation from people at all staff levels. And 2023 has certainly been a year of wild experiences for PR professionals. We’re not just talking about ChatGPT – […]

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PR Fish Bowl, public relations • August 4, 2023

How To Interview Experts Like A Journalist: Tips For PR Teams

When I jumped to the PR and marketing side from journalism, I was often told by the PR firm who hired me, “We want you to think like a journalist.”  I never said this at the time, but now I can admit: I don’t really know what that means. But I do know something about […]

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