Richard Etchison

News • September 9, 2019

Crenshaw Welcomes New Client Adslot

At Crenshaw, we’re excited to add another great new B2B technology client to our roster. Adslot is an ad tech and marketing company that offers two solutions, Adslot Media and Symphony, that work to simplify media and increase the value of advertising for marketers. Adslot is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange […]

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News • July 17, 2019

Crenshaw Welcomes ActiveViam

The Crenshaw team is excited to welcome new client ActiveViam, a leading provider of in-memory data analytics software solutions. Founded in 2005, the provider of precision analytics platforms helps finance and retail organizations like HSBC, Freddie Mac, and ING make faster and better decisions – whether those decisions relate to detecting deviations, measuring risk, responding to […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • July 10, 2019

Why PR Pros Are The Most Versatile Writers

As a profession, public relations evokes images of media pitching or crisis management. But according to the 2018 USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations Global Communications Report, writing is the skill most valued by PR recruiters.  That makes sense; persuasion is fueled by artful storytelling, and despite the growth of video, many stories are still […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • June 20, 2019

Beyond Publicity: What Your PR Agency Can Do

A startup or early stage company that’s considering a public relations budget may be wondering what PR entails. While earned media visibility is the bread and butter of many PR campaigns, they can do far more for an organization. Any PR program that only includes media visibility is inadequate. While winning media coverage can yield […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • June 12, 2019

Dad’s Wisdom Makes Great PR Advice

For Mother’s Day 2018, we reported how mom’s wisdom makes great PR advice. Dads clamored for their say. Most of our fathers’ advice probably went in one ear and out the other — as a dad would say. As we approach Father’s Day, let’s stop and recognize how a dad’s sometimes patronizing, always wry nuggets […]

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