Michelle Han June 21, 2016 | 03:56:25

5 Benefits Of Hyperlocal PR

Hyperlocal public relations can be easily overlooked, especially when dealing with PR campaigns for national or global companies. But “hyperlocal may be the new global.” An extremely local approach can support business goals nicely, particularly for national brands with dozens, if not hundreds, of local outlets, or services focused on very specific segments of an industry or demographic.

Need convincing? Here are five benefits to the hyper-local PR approach.

Lead generation. We’ve all been there — after working for weeks and sometimes months to land that top tier placement, there’s the glow of victory and a slew of well-earned praise from clients and colleagues. But there is perhaps little by way of consumer engagement for the actual product or brand. Meanwhile, the hyperlocal placement — that glowing product review in the specialty local blog, or the company profile in the local business publication — launches a wave of inquiries, sales, potential business connections, and new fans. What gives? Consider it a testament to the power of a well-placed hyperlocal story that reaches the most relevant audience possible, the people who are ready to be engaged and open to hearing what you have to say. Of course, in a perfect world, you have both — the big, global media feature along with a local story. Just be sure not to sacrifice one in favor of the other.

Improved targeting. Gone are the days of generic messages. Today we want to read news about relevant to a given community, neighborhood, or specific industry or business segment. With the rise of original content as the chief commodity PR can promote, now is the time to tailor stories to appropriate customer segments. It’s how most consumers are accustomed to being reached, so why not employ it in PR messaging and pitching, too?

More focus, better quality. Hyperlocal approaches lend themselves to super sharp focus, which allows for tight control of the story and high levels of quality. It’s often said that the more strict the parameters, the easier it is to comply. When working with local influencers or case studies to bring life to a story, a local focus means you can anticipate the direction and scope of the story, which means you can focus your preparation more specifically and be in a stronger place to convey the right messages.

Touch and feel. Never underestimate the power of physical touch, taste, sight, smell and sound to trigger powerful and specific messages. Just as a single smell can trigger the most poignant of childhood memories, there’s something to be said for employing the tangible senses. A hyperlocal event in a specific place lends itself to creating strong associations between the product or service and the locale itself, especially if you can include particularly tactile elements that tie in well, like a food and beverage pairing, or a hands-on DIY activity. Better still if those elements have special meaning to the local region.

Heightened credibility. For consumer brands, the prevalence of social sharing and self-publishing means local endorsements are more important than ever. Earning positive local reviews is an industry to itself.  Hyperlocal PR serves to boost reputation among local influencers, who can make or break a brand’s success in a local market.

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