blogging • September 1, 2010

Web of Lies: Astroturfing Threatens The PR Business

Astroturfing is like the underbelly of the PR business – large, hidden, and when it pops out, really ugly. A decade ago, that kind of  fake grassroots campaigning was at the edge of public relations, and it happened primarily in politics. Today, the rise of social media has put a new spin on astroturfing, with faux reviews […]

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blogging • August 3, 2009

Don’t Get Mad, Get Online; Social Media As Bully Pulpit

Social media has become not only a way to connect with friends and contacts, but a bully pulpit about customer service. Today’s Wall Street Journal features yet another story about large companies who act fast to avert PR disaster when someone complains publicly about their service or brand. And, why not? Who hasn’t used social media […]

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blogging • June 3, 2009

The Few, The Proud…. The Tobacco Executives

The American Legacy Foundation has been using “reality advertising” in its anti-smoking campaigns targeted to young people for years, with mixed reviews from the marketing community for tactics that are occasionally heavyhanded.  But, its 2009 campaign featuring new TV spots takes the reality up a notch. What’s more, it moves away from the health messages typical of many […]

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blogging • May 27, 2009

Citizen Advertising? The Future Of Sponsored Conversations

Note: No cash or gifts were received for the writing of this post.   I’m being facetious, but, if this were a “sponsored” post, would you feel skeptical about the opinions expressed here? Or, would you applaud my “transparency?”   That’s one of the issues at the heart of the debate around sponsored blog posts […]

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