Michelle Han May 3, 2016 | 01:02:31

Clever PR Ideas For Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is one of the most unavoidable holidays when it comes to marketing opportunities, and for public relations campaigns, it’s not one to be ignored. But consumer public relations professionals have their work cut out for them, as media quickly grow weary of endless pitches about “perfect gifts” for the day. Still, clever ideas that win earned media and positive brand buzz do exist. Here are a few.

Turn data into holiday fodder. Sound statistics are hard for media to ignore, and if you’re able to package data from a survey or other original research into something that plays to Mother’s Day (or any holiday for that matter), you might have yourself a win. This story shows how one survey linked questions for moms to the Presidential candidates – a clever move in a season when a raucous election is winning round-the-clock earned media coverage.

Offer DIY ideas that are real. Consumer media are always looking for new ideas on how to help readers hack their own personal style, and Mother’s Day traditionally tops the list for handmade gifts. If your company falls into a creative category, a DIY design tip could do the trick, such as this article’s practical tips on how to create your own flower bouquet (yes even from the grocery store flower section). Keep in mind, Americans are expected to spend $2.4 billion on flowers this Mother’s Day, which is twice what they spend on Valentine’s Day, making it the biggest flower-giving day of the year.

Tap into local pride. It’s easy to focus on big top-tier media with national reach, but it’s important to remember the power of the hyperlocal movement and local media, especially for consumer facing brands. Top local media in every market are bound to do write-ups about ways to “keep it local” for Mother’s Day, including highlighting places to brunch, local establishments to patronize, and locally made goods. Consider any and all local angels that could play to these types of opportunities.

Create your own celebrity angle. If your company is fortunate enough to be able to partner with big names, earning publicity and media coverage is easier. But of course not every business can be Apple partnering with Taylor Swift to create a commercial that goes viral. For the rest of us, suggesting the right connections can make sense. For example, this list of double strollers Blake Lively ought to consider for her growing family made the rounds on social and earned media alike, after running in US Weekly, earning brand buzz and multiple placements without ever having an “official” celebrity connection. In another spin on that angle, one contributor curated a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas from products featured on Shark Tank, without any apparent endorsement from the hit show.

Find the niches. Of course, gift guides will abound, and for consumer brands it’s worth offering up your most fitting products. One way to be less mundane is to find the niches where your offering might fit in. Consumer tech products can go under “tech-savvy mom” gift lists while personal finance services are for the “financial guru mom” lists, etc. As a former client used to always say, “there are riches in niches.”

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