communications • November 3, 2009

Fake AP Stylebook Is A PR Success

For months, I’ve been looking for a real Twitter success story, but without much success of my own. The most exciting social media marketing campaigns tend to be Facebook-driven, or across multiple platforms, as they should be. Now, I know there’ve been some impressive direct-sales outcomes on Twitter. The most notable is @DellOutlet, which has apparently […]

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communications • October 29, 2009

Facebook’s PR Dilemma: “I Can Friend Dead People”

So close to Halloween, how can I resist blogging about the latest complaint by Facebook users? I noticed it, um, in passing, earlier this week. A “reconnect” feature is part of the site’s new home page, but Facebook’s being haunted by the persistence of its algorithm. It automatically generates notices urging users to reconnect with dormant contacts. Inevitably, […]

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communications • October 23, 2009

White House vs. Fox News: Who’s Winning The PR War?

As the adage goes, you should never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. So, what’s behind the White House’s PR offensive against Fox News? When Obama communications director Anita Dunn first referred to Fox as not a news organization, but, rather as an arm of the Republican party, I was surprised. It seemed to […]

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communications • October 21, 2009

PR Prank #2: It’s Another Hot-Air News Hoax

Is it the time of year? Just days after the media was taken for a ride by the balloon boy story, here comes another successful public relations prank. This time, Reuters, CNBC, and even The New York Times were punk’d, at least for a minute. Earlier this week, an activist group called the Yes Men, […]

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communications • October 15, 2009

Did Amp Turn Up The Volume With #pepsifail?

As I’ve noted previously, good public relations sometimes means having to say you’re sorry. “Apology communications” is a PR buzzword these days. But, when is an apology something else altogether? (Hint: When it involves 18-year-old dudes, maybe?) What got me wondering was the backlash to the Amp energy drink campaign. Of course, I’m talking about the now-infamous iPhone app created […]

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