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crisis management • September 7, 2013

When Customers Fight Back – With Promoted Tweets!

As every PR or reputation expert knows, social media cuts both ways. It can be a critical outlet for real-time promotion and customer relations and a useful branding tool. It can also be a megaphone for unhappy consumers. Any brand who puts itself out there needs to be ready. Earlier this week, a businessman named […]

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crisis management • July 17, 2013

How To Apologize Effectively

Mere hours after the tragic plane crash at San Francisco airport, executives of Asiana Airlines hosted a press conference to issue a formal apology for the accident. As is customary, CEO Yoon Young-doo and Asiana board members expressed their regret with deep bows of contrition in front of media and dignitaries. The Washington Post ran […]

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crisis management • June 27, 2013

The PR Verdict On Paula Deen’s Apology (Again)

From the frying pan to….yesterday Paula Deen, the queen of comfort cooking, faced Matt Lauer, and the outcome was not so comfortable for either one. Some have criticized Lauer for his brusque grilling of Deen. My view is that he took a no-nonsense approach, cutting to the business issues and her motive for finally living […]

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crisis management • June 22, 2013

Paula Deen’s PR Crisis: Is She Done?

It pains me to be dishing up another post about Paula Deen’s PR crisis. Deen’s rags-to-riches story and Southern-fried charm has won her many fans, including members of my own family. But her most recent controversy makes me wonder if Paula can recover. It was bad enough that she hid her diabetes diagnosis for a […]

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crisis management • May 3, 2013

Retractions And Reversals: Best And Worst of Apology PR

This week has brought a fresh wave of public mea culpas and backpedalings – plenty of fodder for self-anointed apology PR experts. Most proactive is the ad campaign mounted by JC Penney after the failure of its everyday low price strategy and store makeovers of last year. The spot, which is narrated in a warm, […]

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