Marijane Funess August 1, 2014 | 11:00:53

Should PR Reconsider The Press Release?

With the PR industry always abuzz about new types of content and digital dissemination, it’s easy to overlook or question the value of the humble press release. But it remains one of the most economical ways to deliver your message to a wider audience. While not every company development warrants one, there are many perfectly apt occasions to write a press release and many reasons beyond immediate pickup to distribute it.
Press releases introduce a company to the media.  New and old media expect to hear about a new company or product via press release. Whether it’s a fancy release with audio and video or a more “plain vanilla” version, the comprehensive, well-written press release is still the best way to get your information into a familiar, digestible format for the media.
Press releases save editors time. No reason to get extra clever with it or mess with the basic style, a succinct press release answering the “5 W’s” is what most editors need to get a story started (or finished). Editors appreciate a brief, timely release with all major questions answered in the first grafs. A well-worded quote that advances or enhances the narrative  (and, that doesn’t start with “We are thrilled to…”) scores points as well.
Even press releases that aren’t immediately used... may pique interest for a future story. Usually when an editor says he cannot use a story at this time but sees possibilities for the future, he means it. Or, sometimes the news will be passed on to someone who can use it.
“Search” loves likes press releases.  High-quality, useful content that media use or that you post yourself can be effective for building search rank, although Google has rightfully cracked down on promiscuous use of keyword-stuffed newswire releases.
Press releases help media connect the dots.  A company’s “newsstream” can tell a story of growth, innovation, success, or strategic partnership-building.

Visitors to your website expect to see current news. Nothing takes credibility away from a company like a website with an empty or outdated press section. A steady stream of current press releases adds vibrancy and relevance to your company’s site.

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