Chili Piper

Chili Piper, an inbound conversion platform for B2B revenue teams, tasked Crenshaw Communications with developing a media relations strategy to generate awareness for its brand as a leader in sales enablement. Knowledge of barriers to successful sales tech PR, including a limited number of “sales-focused” reporters, led Crenshaw Communications to develop a strategy focused on leveraging founder profiles, workplace culture stories, and entrepreneurial topics to position the company as a socially-continuous global business. One particular campaign, focused on an initiative created to help Ukrainian citizens following Russia’s invasion, garnered hits in top-tier outlets like CNBC, Forbes, and TechCrunch. Continue reading “Chili Piper”


Innovid Corp. (NYSE: CTV), an independent advertising platform for delivering ads across Connected TV (CTV), mobile, and desktop TV environments, tapped Crenshaw Communications to help increase brand awareness and improve overall brand positioning. Despite having a strong client base and advanced technology, the ad-tech company lacked the media presence necessary to position itself as a leader in the industry.

As a result of the partnering with Crenshaw Communications, Innovid saw heightened media attention, resulting in increased share of voice (SOV) and perception of IPO readiness.

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Bnai Zion Foundation

Making A More Inclusive Israel

For 110 years, Bnai Zion has completed over one hundred humanitarian projects in Israel, making it a more transformative, innovative, and welcoming place for all. Here in the U.S. we help Bnai Zion spread the word about its accomplishments in healthcare technology and support for the aging and disabled. The projects have long-term impact and are independent of a religious or political agenda. Our program reinforces the importance of its role in Israeli life by introducing journalists, social influencers, and leaders to its extraordinary work and its impact.


Business Events Are Powerful

When event software leader Bizzabo discovered that nearly two-thirds of all business event speakers are male, it decided to host an all-female event for Women’s Empowerment Day. That’s just one differentiator that we helped Bizzabo’s extraordinary leadership team spotlight to expand its brand footprint. In a digital environment where brands compete for attention, live events are more powerful than ever, and Bizzabo helps event planners and marketers unlock their full potential.



Winning At Digital Marketing

Digital and social marketing is a battle for attention. Yet with 85% of sponsored content on platforms like Facebook being ‘dark posts,’ or seen only by specific users, marketers face a visibility gap. BrandTotal empowers marketing insights through competitive intelligence powered by AI. Our team helps BrandTotal raise its profile within the digital marketing community and spotlight its own unique capabilities through contributed content, reactive media opportunities, and high-level thought leadership tactics.

Fractal Analytics

Founded in Mumbai, Fractal Analytics is the second-largest AI provider out of APAC. With a customer base largely in the U.S., Fractal offers AI-powered solutions that streamline monotonous workflows and free up human intelligence, enhancing decision-making across the organization. However, despite work with global Fortune 100 companies, Fractal Analytics was not well known in the U.S.

Fractal Analytics enlisted Crenshaw Communications to increase brand awareness in the U.S., position the AI provider as a global industry innovator, and ultimately drive inbound leads. 


For competitive reasons, many customers prefer not to disclose their work with Fractal Analytics. Without customer names to draw on, the team at Crenshaw Communications knew they would need to increase executive visibility and merchandise executive insights to help the AI provider reach its goals. 

The B2B PR agency built a PR program comprised of earned media and content, targeting various industry verticals including CPG,  financial services, pharmaceuticals, public health, and safety, insurance, telecom, and retail.

The team also worked together to support the company’s thought leadership through a Fractal Analytics branded conference, — the only industry event designed to help Fortune 500 companies learn to implement artificial intelligence in order to optimize business success. The event paired executives from Fractal Analytics with AI leaders at well-known brands like VISA, Procter and Gamble, and Quest Diagnostics for sessions discussing topics like AI transformation.


Fractal Analytics achieved foundational awareness in the market through top-tier business and trade media coverage. Executives from the company have been quoted in publications like The Wall Street Journal and InformationWeek on topics ranging from decision-making and AI to the impact of AI on the retail supply chain and how CPGs can leverage AI to influence consumer buying behavior.

The brand is catching up with the business. 

Fractal Analytics’ Chief Practice Officer attributes the company’s biggest customer wins over the last two years to inbound leads resulting from earned and owned media placements, as well as a branded AI conference. He reports that a single podcast interview alone resulted in three introductory meetings with Fortune 100 companies and a follow-up discussion with the head of AI transformation at a global insurance giant.


Smart Communications

Making Conversations Smarter

For major businesses, interactions with customers and partners have become more complex, and most recognize that customer communications increasingly takes place in an interactive and real-time context. As a leader in CCM, Smart Communications helps the world’s largest enterprises, many in highly regulated industries, communicate with their customers better and more efficiently. We help build recognition for Smart’s suite of cloud-based solutions that move businesses beyond traditional enterprise communications into a new generation of customer interaction.


In Cybersecurity, Innovation Counts

Finnish cybersecurity provider F-Secure has a strong portfolio of consumer and corporate products and is well known in Europe. Our team has helped it expand visibility for new B2B products and services and build recognition for its use of data and artificial intelligence. Stories like a Wired feature on its discovery of a method for hacking electronic hotel keys have helped build F-Secure’s position as the provider of enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions for SMBs in the U.S. market. In a category like digital security, mere competence may not be enough; innovation makes the difference.

Remedy Health Media

Rx: Digital Storytelling

People are increasingly going online for health information, usually to diagnose themselves based on symptoms they’re experiencing. But what about those who are already diagnosed – by medical professionals – and who might be seeking help and inspiration for a chronic illness? Enter Remedy Health Media. Our role is to help differentiate Remedy as a leading site for those chronic conditions and a top-tier platform for engaging patients through digital storytelling.

Pouring It On For Weekly Tasting

A New Way To Experience Wine

What’s the perfect wine for Thai takeout? When should you chill that bottle of red? Weekly Tasting is a new and delicious way to experience all types of wine and to expand your wine palate whether you’re an expert or a newbie. Our team’s role has been to highlight Weekly Tasting’s unique offering and the skilled women sommeliers behind the brand. The result? A robust wave of broadcast and print coverage for the brand and its ambassadors, just in time for the holiday season. Salut!