Tuesday Tips: 8 Smart Tech Tips For Fall

As a PR agency person, it seems like you’re always plugged in: every device must be wifi-enabled, emails come at all hours of the day and smartphones are almost a necessity! Technology can make our lives easy and convenient, but you need to be smart! Here are 8 smart tech tips for the fall:

Make relevant updates. Smart phone operating systems update every few months, and updating can do wonders for your phone’s productivity. Check to see if your phone is due for a system update; Android recently updated to Ice Cream Sandwich and Apple’s iOS 6 is making its debut in a few short weeks.

Change your passwords. Yes, really. Changing the passwords for all your accounts can be daunting, but it’s imperative to change them periodically for your safety. Keep passwords in a safe, secret place to make the process less overwhelming.

Out with the old. Back in college I would rid my computer of old files after every semester. This is a habit I still keep, even after graduation. Eliminate unused documents to help your computer run faster and more efficiently. This can apply to smart phone and tablet apps, as well.

Clean up your social media accounts. Now’s a good time to untag yourself from those less-flattering Facebook photos, remove inappropriate posts and update your LinkedIn profile. This is especially important if you’re looking for a job or internship.

Back up your data. We never remember to back up our information until it’s already gone. Pick up an external hard drive to have in case of a tech emergency!

Be wary of location-based apps. The information you enter on location-based services can reveal a lot of private information. Be sure to change your privacy settings if you have the option.

Get a backup battery. App usage can drain battery power on mobile devices, especially our phones. If you find yourself relying on apps, make sure you have a backup battery in case the other one runs out of juice.

Start a (good) digital footprint. In PR, having a small but positive digital footprint is a great way to build credibility. Be active on social media, start a blog, etc., the options are endless!
These tips are a great starting point for anyone using technology but for tech enthusiasts, what other tips can you think of? Leave pointers in the comments!

Tuesday Tip: "Spring Cleaning" For Your Tech

While you wait out the April showers for the May flowers, why not look beyond the annual ritual of spring cleaning and tidy up your tech?

Since technology affects so much of our lives, think about how you can upgrade, upload, back up and protect the devices you rely on every day. This was the theme of a recent “Spring Cleaning Your Tech” satellite media tour we coordinated for our client, avast! Free Antivirus. Here’s our short list to help get your digital spring cleaning started. Naturally, we think you should start by downloading a top-rated free antivirus software like avast! to keep your computer free from viruses and malware. But there are some other good tips that can make life easier.

Back up, back up, back up. Imagine the horror of losing your everything stored on your hard drive? Find a good program like Carbonite and make sure your photos, archives, and everything else is protected.

Be green! While cleaning out closets and junk drawers, recycle the batteries in old electronics and cell phones. Programs like Verizon’s HopeLine and Call2Recycle can help take them off your hands and turn them into something good (and green)!

Get an air duster and clean all parts of your computer. Dust build-up will eventually slow your system.

Filter through your inbox and delete junk emails and meeting requests that aren’t important. You’ll feel better starting your day with a refreshed email desktop.

Wipe down your phone, mouse, keyboard and anything else you are constantly touching. Germs be gone!