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Give The Gift Of Good PR To These Women On Mother’s Day

I was all set to wax rhapsodically about some moms who had earned terrific PR for deeds well done this year. Then the Tanning Mom appeared, followed by the Stripper Hot Dog Mom and in an entirely different category, Linda “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000” Evangelista and her outrageous child support demands!

So instead, I offer up some free PR advice for these and other “moms behaving badly.” There may not be redemption in the court of public opinion but at least their kids may still have fond feelings for them. Now, heed these words!

For the “Tanning Mom”

Stop tanning immediately.

Come clean about what really happened with your young daughter at the salon and if there really was “fire where there was smoke,” apologize!

Have fun with the critiques such as SNL and the terrific Kristen Wiig impersonation.

Milk your 15 minutes in a smart way. Get involved with the Skin Cancer Foundation and speak out about the safety concerns associated with tanning; conversely, you could explore a spokesperson gig for a self-tanner or bronzer brand!

For the “Stripper Hot Dog Mom”

Stop offering sexy additions to your menu.

Put on some real clothes.

But not right away…this may be an instance of “any publicity is good publicity.” Curiosity-seekers ought to drive business through the roof!

Stick to cooking.

For Linda Evangelista

Try to wear less than $5,000 of luxury accessories for your day in court. You know, look needier!

Put some of that cash to good use and start a foundation for children of single supermodels or, in a more serious vein, children of disadvantaged single-parent homes.

Get ready for more critiques and arm yourself with “key messages” that don’t make you look so greedy.

Take the high road and only speak kindly of your child’s father; you want this out of the news cycle as quickly as possible.

Any other words of wisdom you’d like to share with these moms or any other moms?

One thought on “Give The Gift Of Good PR To These Women On Mother’s Day

  1. I’d suggest you read the actual situation regarding Ms Evangelista—she wasn’t asking for money for herself, but for the deadbeat billionaire baby daddy to contribute to his child’s welfare…..

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