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Merry PR Mad Libs

The Global Language Monitor has released its list of Top Words of 2011. In the spirit of the holiday season, and with apologies to Mad Libs, we have created a press release template where you can use all ten words. Please enjoy it and feel free to adapt for any of your clients. Think of the SEO possibilities!
1. Occupy
2. Deficit
3. Fracking
4. Drone
5. Non-veg
6. Kummerspeck
7. Haboob
8. 3Q
9. Trustafarians
10. (The Other) 99

New (noun) Product Has Great Appeal to (plural noun)
Avoid (Proper noun) — Emotional Eating — with Delicious Snack

December, 2011 – – Just in time for the holidays, a new inexpensive, nutritious, zero-calorie protein snack will hit store shelves nationwide. According to spokesperson W. Smith, the developer set out to create a game-changing product that would appeal to the entire economic spectrum, from those in the (adjective) movement to (plural noun).

The new product is all natural and is produced with no environmentally harmful methods, such as (gerund). It requires no refrigeration and sells for under $5.00 per product.

“We wanted to give people something they can enjoy anywhere,” continues Smith, “Whether one is operating (nouns) from an air force facility or stuck in a perilous (Proper noun) in the southwest, it can be easily prepared and enjoyed.”

Available in a number of test markets, the snack is already earning high praise and “(plural noun)” from grateful consumers. While company officials don’t claim it can solve major problems like the growing (noun) it is a small way to provide a tasty bite for the masses.

Have fun and let us know if you have used any of the Top 10 words in your work.

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