Briana November 1, 2011 | 08:08:27

The Presume

It’s no secret that you need to stand out these days when applying for a job. Killer qualifications are often not enough to get your foot in the door. Enter the presume.

The presume brings your resume to life using your own voice, visuals and graphics to highlight your educational and employment experience in a presentation format. Want to give a try? Here are some tips to creating an exciting presume:

Find a program you are comfortable with. Whether it’s PowerPoint, or something more advanced like SlideRocket, make sure you use a program that you know the ins and outs of and can use to truly market yourself in a unique way.

To thine own self be true. Let your presume define you as a person. Colors, images, animations…the options are limitless, but should work to show the hiring manager who you are and how right you are for this position.

Get it out there. If you’ve taken the route of creating a presume over a resume, why not go the extra mile to send it out to hiring companies in a way that will stand out. Tweet it out is a good way to start.

Personalize each presume. When I’m reading resumes of prospective employees, I’m immediately turned off when I know that the job hunter is sending the same resume and cover letter over and over again. Make it personal! Let your presume show that you really want to work for that specific company, not just any old company in the industry. Throw the company logo in the presentation and any images that you can find that show you did your research.

Tell us if you’ve used a presume to land a job interview!

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