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How To Be Indispensable In PR

There’s no better way to end a work week than with a thankful note from a client. “Great job this week, couldn’t have done it without you.” Yep, that sums it up. Weeks worth of hard work have paid off.

In public relations, we have to be indispensable. Every action must prove to our clients that they couldn’t have done it without us, – or that it would have been much more difficult. Great media event? Our contacts made the difference. Kudos at an internal meeting? The PR metrics were a standout. And so on. Here are some things I do to show my clients they can’t live without my team.

Name-drop. This business (and any business) is all about who you know. Chances are, your client is paying your agency to cultivate great media relationships. Whenever I can, I make a point to drop the latest and greatest of my media buddies so they know the sky’s the limit when it comes to access.

Make their lives easier. Take as many things as you can off your client’s plate. Volunteer to take on writing assignments, appointment scheduling, or anything else that will make their jobs easier. Even outside of traditional PR scope of work, there are small things you can do to make your client happier (and less stressed) on a daily basis.

Be proactive. Your job is to stay on top of the laundry list of tasks that need to be completed. Friendly reminders go a long way, and they often remind the client that without you, things might fall by the wayside. Also, sending industry tidbits and research helps them realize that you are thinking about the bigger picture.

It’s not all business… Get out from behind your desk, and when your client is around, take them to dinner, drinks, a show or something to get to know them outside of your work together. Social bonding is good business practice, and it lets clients know they have a friend and contact beyond the 9-to-6 work relationship.

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