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Borrowing Interest (Or Stealing It!) With Breaking News

So your client isn’t making that huge “New iPad” headline news?  You still need to get them press and attention and sometimes that can be tough. The smart PR practitioner is always on the lookout for ways to piggyback onto a broad, national event or story or something gaining ground in the cultural zeitgeist.  Get creative! Look for the latest, hottest news story or topic to latch onto and insert your client into the conversation.

Think about releasing a specially timed survey, offering up your client as a resource or expert on a current event, or creating a specifically themed infographic.  It just might get your client that strategic placement you’ve been after.
Here are three types of news stories the savvy PR person can leverage for extra ink

Special Days = Great PR

Big days or specific seasons can be great for PR, so you should always be scanning your calendar for ideas.  For example, think about ways your client can relate to the retail craziness of Black Friday, the lost rest of daylight saving time or the mania that is March Madness..  A simple (but quality) survey pertaining to the topic, and strategically released at the right time of year, can do wonders for client visibility.

2012 Presidential Campaign

The 2012 Presidential Campaign has been dominating the news for months, and it’s only getting bigger.  With so much time and press devoted to the campaign, political reporters are constantly looking for time and space fillers.  Find a creative way to relate the political craziness or marathon campaigning back to your client’s specialty. Even if they are wary of taking political sides, there are a ton of possibilities here.

Win Big with Sports Stories

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, start of the baseball season, or March Madness, sports are constantly on people’s minds.  How about a light hearted March Madness tournament style “infobracket” from your client?

More so than many professionals, PR people constantly need to be up to date on current events and know exactly what people are talking about.  Look for these hot news stories, plan accordingly, and take advantage of them.  Your clients will thank you later.

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