Kaitlyn Kotlowski February 27, 2013 | 05:30:54

Make Traveling For Work, Work!

The prospect of business travel can cause anxiety in even the most intrepid PR pro. And, even though we can Skype and chat via FaceTime sometimes there is no substitute for “being there.”  With this in mind, here is a guide to making that next trip for work, work as hard as it can for you.

Most of us know some of the obvious trip tips – pack light and smart, maximize your travel time with your laptop or tablet; but here is some additional advice you may want to have handy when planning to be away on business.

Pack more into your packing To save time,  keep a suitcase partially packed – a full toiletries kit, basic jewelry, makeup bag, spare chargers, snacks, notebook, pens and business cards. When you return, simply top it off with particulars for that trip and you are good to go. If you are not a professional packer, check out an app like packing pro.

Give the gift of saving Is there a city you travel to often? When there and not entertaining clients, a great way to save money is to get a gift card to a chain restaurant(s) you like. You save time, as you know the menu in advance and you potentially save money/hassles over unknown local options/hotel offerings.  This works best in a place where time and budget trump exploring the local cuisine!

Avoid the mini-bar  The hotel mini-bar is a trap; never go there! Stock up at a local convenience store before you even check in. Buy bottled water, snacks and whatever else calls to you from the insanely overpriced fridge in your room.

Double down Got downtime on your trip?  Calculate who else you can meet with while you are in town and schedule that in advance. Make media meetings; connect with other pros or even meet people whom you know via social media but have not yet met in person. No matter what your plan, it’s important to organize your schedule ahead of time to optimize your business travel.

Get out. If you’d like to use some free time to explore the sites of your destination, look into deals ahead of time for the main attractions of the town you are visiting.
Calling all road warriors – please add your tips to ours below!

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