Kaitlyn Kotlowski November 27, 2013 | 01:00:32

What PR Pros Are Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving

The holiday season is here, and Thanksgiving is a perfect time to consider all of the things we appreciate. While family, friends, and good health are always at the top, the team at Crenshaw Communications came up with our very own list of things PR pros are most thankful for.

Day-to-day variety. PR is fun, yet challenging, and most of us do something new almost every day. From event planning and traveling to product launches and reporter briefings, it’s hard to be bored in this industry (and that’s a great thing!)

Clients who take risks. Ask any PR pro, and they’ll tell you that they appreciate a client who is willing to take risks and be creative. This makes our job all the more interesting and gives us the opportunity to produce innovative, newsworthy campaigns.

Media feedback.  After working hard on your pitch and finding the perfect media contact to share it with, there’s nothing worse than not hearing back. Nothing. The black hole.  Trust me when I tell you that all PR pros would much rather receive a “no way” than radio silence – you won’t hurt our feelings!

The holidays.  Not just because everyone enjoys a day off spending time with family, but because nearly every holiday warrants a good PR pitch (or blog post)!

Listicles!  That’s right, all PR pros love a good list and many would argue that 2013 has been the year of the “listicle,” partially due to social media. Outlets from Buzzfeed to The New York Times have all jumped on the trend. Listicles, which are really just articles in a list format, give all of us a quick and simple way to digest content and offer PRs more creative media coverage opportunities for clients.

Coffee.  Need I say more?

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