Laurie Graff October 9, 2019 | 10:44:23

Why Actors Make Great PR People

An open call for trained performers — Have I got a career for you!

Performing has an irresistible allure for an aspiring actor. The bug bites deep and won’t let go. Yet according to a recent survey, only 2% of actors make a living from it. That stat is enough to make you reach for a drink –  if you can afford one. Unemployment may be a lifestyle, but it’s not sustainable. So what’s an actor to do?

Did somebody say… PR? As a successful actor myself, I’ve met many fellow performers who have found their skills are highly transferable to much of the work of a typical public relations agency. If you’re interested, please speak up. We know you can project. In fact, we bet you already have the talent that could give you a brand new career, and make you a PR star.


You learned a lot doing eight shows a week, repeating the same dialogue over and over and keeping it fresh.  Now you can take your pitch and make each follow-up sound new, as if you’re discovering the idea yourself for the very first time. Or, take those skills and put them to use in agency marketing, or in helping to close the sale at the next big account meeting.


You know those robocalls with the deadpan voice so ho-hum flat that you have to hang up? Thankfully, your voice and diction training has paid off. You engage people in a meeting because you can really sell your message, and you even leave inviting voicemails. In fact, you have them at hello.


Inside your script were hundreds of notes about blocking, props, objectives and run of show, in addition to learning all your lines. You won’t have any trouble keeping up with the hundreds of details when your PR firm puts together a fantastic client event.


Okay, ‘fess up. It can get tedious having to get worked up over selling the product when the product was you. Isn’t it fun to sell something outside yourself? As an actor you know how to put the passion into whatever you do.


Quick! You’re on the phone pitching a TV segment to a news producer. They ask a question you don’t expect. You’re uncertain. What would your character do? True, you can’t invent facts (contrary to the belief of some) but you’ll be able to improvise your way to an answer – believe me.

High EQ

All the world’s a stage, and the stage is a world of entertainment. Nowadays, so is the news. In the end people like to talk to people who are entertaining, and actors know how to grab attention. Dig inside your emotional toolbox to match the person’s voice pattern you’re pitching and create an instant simpatico.
Some days it might still feel like you’re auditioning, but these skills will give you a head start. Don’t underestimate the value of having a place to go, working with people who appreciate your talents.  Not to mention the paycheck. It will afford you that drink when you want to go out after performing at your theater company by night. In the audience will be all your new colleagues, cheering you on.

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