Artificial Intelligence

With the right public relations program, artificial intelligence companies and others with advanced AI capabilities can clearly demonstrate how their products add value, whether boosting productivity, improving lives, or reducing costs. Crenshaw Communications is the ideal AI PR partner, with the expertise to strategically communicate the benefits of machine learning and cognitive computing systems. We tell the exciting stories of businesses that use AI with the creativity and skill they deserve, as we spotlight innovation and leadership.

Artificial Intelligence • July 10, 2019

Fractal Analytics

Founded in Mumbai, Fractal Analytics is the second-largest AI provider out of APAC. With a customer base largely in the U.S., Fractal offers AI-powered solutions that streamline monotonous workflows and free up human intelligence, enhancing decision-making across the organization. However, despite work with global Fortune 100 companies, Fractal Analytics was not well known in the […]

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Artificial Intelligence • January 1, 2016


Optimizing The Aftermarket Supply-chain challenges cost time, money, and customer good will. Stockholm-based Syncron is the only aftermarket service provider that focuses exclusively on service parts management and pricing for the world’s leading manufacturers. Syncron’s SaaS solutions enable companies to transform their aftermarket service operations to dramatically increase profitability, cash flow and customer loyalty. We […]

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PR and Marketing Promotion for AI Companies

Our creative teams are ready to introduce AI companies and their technologies to the world with a targeted PR strategy. We help businesses coordinate their AI marketing and PR initiatives for optimal impact in attracting investment, educating future users, and improving their positions within a dynamic sector. Crenshaw Communications’ work is at the forefront of creating public relations strategies for AI companies. We tailor our efforts to the goals of businesses, so their talent can drive artificial intelligence into the future. Our AI public relations expertise is built upon a strong foundation of providing highly successful PR strategies for technology products and services.
Creative storytellers at Crenshaw Communications are eager to share the AI narrative with everyone from journalists to potential buyers. We’ll increase brand awareness and secure favorable coverage, communicating each company’s unique capabilities and staying power. By employing AI marketing strategies and properly executed PR, a business can stand out in the media, on social platforms and through thought leadership. Companies with AI offerings can benefit from a winning AI PR program aligned to a specific technology, and that explains how that tech can change lives or support critical business objectives. We help steer conversations in positive directions and address challenging topics related to artificial intelligence adoption.
Whether you need PR support as a startup or an AI industry leader, we’re ready to create powerful messaging that sparks interest and inspires acceptance of your artificial intelligence product. We invite you to contact us today. Discover how Crenshaw delivers results that make a difference for AI companies.