B2B Communications & Professional Services PR

B2B public relations have been dramatically changed and even revitalized by the growth of social media and content sharing. Media placements and bylined articles or customer testimonials are now just a starting point when it comes to B2B PR and marketing. Crenshaw Communications can help you explore the opportunities available to strengthen the PR strategy for your B2B technology brand.

B2B Communications & Professional Services PR • March 1, 2017


Delivering Reader Engagement Media audiences today are fragmented. Publishers have been losing viewers to mobile content, listicles, short video and content “recommenders” that offer monetization at the expense of user retention. Until Arkadium. Arkadium delivers interactive, engaging content at scale, helping the industry’s leading publishers boost traffic and drive revenue. We’ve helped Arkadium build its […]

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B2B Communications & Professional Services PR • August 26, 2016

AOL Platforms

From Dial-Up To Digital Trailblazer AOL Platforms is the global partner of choice for top advertisers, agencies, and publishers, enabling them to reach consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and TV through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance campaigns.  Our team works to support AOLP’s leadership in the digital advertising space through earned media and content […]

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B2B Communications & Professional Services PR • March 2, 2016


Managing Global Media Assets Global businesses spend millions to create top advertising content, but as much as one-third of marketing assets can go unused. UK-based Adstream works with 7,000 global agencies and brands to manage all-important TV, video and other media assets and to enable creative collaboration and efficient distribution of marketing content. Following its acquisition […]

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B2B Communications & Professional Services PR • January 27, 2016


Making The Workforce More Colorful Business partners Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams founded diversity recruiting platform Jopwell after working at Goldman Sachs and realizing that most minorities lack the opportunities they have had. Today Jopwell connects high-profile technology and corporate employers with black, Latino and Native American candidates from across the U.S. Our team helps […]

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B2B Communications & Professional Services PR • January 1, 2016


Optimizing The Aftermarket Supply-chain challenges cost time, money, and customer good will. Stockholm-based Syncron is the only aftermarket service provider that focuses exclusively on service parts management and pricing for the world’s leading manufacturers. Syncron’s SaaS solutions enable companies to transform their aftermarket service operations to dramatically increase profitability, cash flow and customer loyalty. We […]

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B2B PR and Marketing Strategies for Growth

There are more opportunities than ever before to integrate marketing strategies with B2B tech PR and earned media efforts. Our most successful B2B technology PR campaigns involve high-quality content creation and content marketing, a robust social media component, and strategically designed tactics that drive executive visibility, like bylined articles, customer testimonials, and speaking opportunities. These campaigns and tech PR strategies help to boost brand recognition and adoption of your products within your target B2B market.

Unlike consumer-directed PR programs, B2B public relations focuses on a narrow professional universe of media outlets and requires strong industry knowledge, greater frequency for earned media placement, and depth of content. In our view, effective B2B PR is enabled by specialized writing skills, creativity, precise planning and great media contacts. As a B2B PR agency specializing in B2B technology, we combine all of those elements to develop and execute programs that drive visibility, confer authority, and support business results.

We are fluent in creating B2B public relations strategies that blend traditional PR tactics and techniques with digital and social strategies for reaching influencers and building the top of the funnel. For more information about our B2B technology PR services, contact us.