The Importance of a Blockchain Marketing Strategy

Experts agree that blockchain technology is already impacting industries, and many foresee it as revolutionizing the world economy. Now it’s a question of how specific companies will stand out in the emerging field by implementing blockchain marketing strategies. At Crenshaw Communications, we recognize that the technology’s potential goes well beyond bitcoin and ethereum. Our PR and marketing professionals help leaders in the blockchain industry make education and information available to their audiences, in addition to the hype. We understand how businesses want to be recognized as trusted organizations, not just buzzwords. That’s why our approach to blockchain marketing and PR focuses on the inherent value of the technology and building credibility for its offerings. We want to tell the world how this technology has the potential to touch nearly every industry – from financial services to healthcare. Through well-placed public relations messages, powerful direct marketing and other avenues, our teams are able to position crypto companies as leaders in the future of finance. Businesses can partner with us to communicate their positions as providers of accessible and secure crypto currency technology.

Marketing for Blockchain with PR Expertise

A successful blockchain PR and marketing strategy will cut through misperceptions to tell a story of innovation. We can customize a strategic program to highlight the tangible benefits available at every step of the supply chain. With smart public relations on a company’s side, users will be more confident in adopting its financial technologies and payment innovations. Our team of media specialists and technical writers excel at transforming complex processes into clear information. They create influential content that communicates a company’s value to users or investors. Companies can take full advantage of blockchain PR strategies that include crypto media channels and traditional media. They can share a broader story about the technology today. For more information on blockchain marketing campaigns, contact us.