Financial Services PR & Communications

High-Impact Financial Services PR

Our team has developed and managed outstandingly successful PR and communications campaigns for a wealth of financial services clients, including credit unions, insurance companies and financial services professionals. We develop PR and marketing strategies for financial services companies that are designed to reach individuals as well as small business operators and financial advisers. Our experience includes top-notch work in areas such as accounting, insurance, and wealth management, and we’re familiar with the role and impact of digital technology and infrastructure on investing, banking, and financial management.

Honest PR and Marketing of Financial Services Can Restore Reputations

Many businesses in the financial sector are under pressure, even as the economy recovers, and some have suffered a reputation downturn since the economic recession of 2008. Mistrust of financial institutions is at an all-time high, with many perceived as less than transparent, or even insensitive to the needs of ordinary consumers. The Main Street/Wall Street divide persists. While restoring trust starts with a company’s core values and business practices, a strategic financial services PR program can help bridge the credibility gap and engage consumers and business partners.

On the B2C side, we have created a “financial wellness” education program that combines media relations with direct outreach through local-market events, interviews with third-party experts, and promotion of assessment tools. Our team has made very successful use of financial services PR tactics like consumer surveys, bylined executive content, research partnerships, and senior officer speaking opportunities to develop an industry leadership position for clients and to showcase a knowledge of and commitment to business and individual customers.

For a financial services company of any size, a well-designed communications program can help a company communicate its values, demonstrate commitment to both customers and the community, and build critical business relationships.

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