Emerging Technologies

Public Relations for Emerging Technologies

For new and emerging technologies, a strategic public relations program offers enormous opportunity. First of all, an emerging technology-driven product or service in a fast-growth area like IoT or data security may have inherent newsworthiness. It can be positioned as an important future trend or hot category worthy of notice by investors, analysts, and journalists. A well-crafted PR strategy can help shape a narrative about the company and its technology offering that differentiates it from competitors and achieves the visibility and leadership positioning that helps move the business forward.

There may also be educational needs for emerging technology companies that PR can help address. Some categories are not well understood in their early phase. Complex ideas or technical details must be woven into a coherent and accessible story. Key differentiators that are glaringly obvious within the company may be initially overlooked or missed by analysts and media. With emerging technologies, there’s inevitably some skepticism or a “hype cycle” of rising and falling expectations.

The right PR strategy and a well-executed program can help take advantage of the opportunities to seize positive attention and educate key customers and stakeholders, while addressing the learning curve and navigating the “down” cycles common to new or emerging technologies.

Emerging Tech Public Relations

Media and investors judge emerging technology companies based on their evaluation of the category potential; the management team pedigree; and perceived third-party endorsement by category influencers. A PR program can help position emerging technology brands as innovators in their space, package founders and senior executives as thought leaders and drive leads through quality content and inbound marketing techniques.

At Crenshaw Communications, our team is well equipped to help early-stage, emerging high-growth technology companies translate complex ideas or technical differences into stories that build business. For more information, please contact us.