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PR Supports the Perception of IPO readiness

Innovid Corp. (NYSE: CTV), an independent advertising platform for delivering ads across Connected TV (CTV), mobile, and desktop TV environments, tapped Crenshaw Communications to help increase brand awareness and improve overall brand positioning. Despite having a strong client base and advanced technology, the ad-tech company lacked the media presence necessary to position itself as a leader in the industry.

As a result of the partnering with Crenshaw Communications, Innovid saw heightened media attention, resulting in increased share of voice (SOV) and perception of IPO readiness.


Crenshaw Communications’ partnership with Innovid began shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the shifting landscape, the PR team quickly devised a plan to lead discussions on video advertising performance during the early days of the pandemic, as well as the rise of connected TV (CTV). A combination of reactive outreach and other thought leadership efforts allowed Crenshaw Communications to position the ad platform’s leadership as a trusted source for brands and media seeking guidance on the future.


18 media stories/placements per month on average (US and UK)
40% more coverage than its top competitor in CTV
135% growth in coverage in North America and the UK
35% of coverage in Tier 1 publications

Innovid is now distinguished from other video tech providers. Increased brand awareness and other momentum generated by PR activities supported the perception of IPO readiness. The company went public in 2021. Today, the ad platform is synonymous with CTV, and members of the media know they can turn to Innovid for thought leadership and commentary on anything and everything CTV-related.