Internet of Things

The Internet of Things and The Power of Public Relations

The Internet of Things (IoT) has not only transformed how products are designed and developed, but it is changing the marketing, PR and communications for entire product and service categories. From a smart watch to a microcontrolled home climate system, connected products and services – and the technology cloud that houses the data linked to them – is creating new and exciting PR and customer service opportunities for brands in the space.

There was a time when the PR launch of a new gadget or other technology product consisted of putting out “dumb” hardware to influencers and media and garnering reviews and product placements. Today, everything is connected, and the opportunities are multidimensional. Product reviews and stories are just the beginning. The Internet of Things offers a new frontier for media relations and data-driven content within PR campaigns that support “smart” and connected products and services.

IoT Public Relations And Data

Strategic PR for IoS is all about the data. The world of connected devices is one of captured data that often result from multiple digital touchpoints, informing internal processes as well as external relations in sectors that range from IT, health and wellness, home services, retail, and more.

At Crenshaw, we understand the implications of IoT for product and brand PR, as well as the growing number of ways to leverage data to generate earned media coverage, strategic content for lead generation and partnership development.
In addition, we’re familiar with the risks and issues endemic to the new world of connected products and services, including the hot-button issues of privacy and security. It’s important that IoS companies build bulletproof protocols in these areas. Public relations and corporate communications, too, must be managed with end-user protections in mind and be prepared for a breach or attack that could impact brand reputation.

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