Sustainability & Clean Technology

Sustainability and Green Technology

At Crenshaw, our technology team has longstanding experience developing PR programs for companies that support sustainability or who specialize in alternative energy technologies and green tech. We have represented clients in the solar energy industry for over 15 years, which has given us an in-depth and realistic sense for the industry, its influencers, and its future potential in the U.S. and abroad.

After market ups and downs, years of niche applications, and delayed predictions for mainstream acceptance, we believe the future for alternative energy and clean technologies is bright.

Consumer Education Drives Growing Acceptance for Green Tech, Alternative Energy

For over a decade, we handled a successful outreach and consumer education program for a major producer of photovoltaic (solar) energy. Our team managed local, regional, and trade/technical media relations and building relationships with important influencers and champions of solar energy, from The New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, author of “Flat, Hot, and Crowded,” to former United States Energy Secretary Stephen Chu.

In addition, we crafted and managed consumer-directed programs in the key solar energy markets of California and New Jersey, collaborating with local installers and using creative B2C tactics like consumer surveys, social media promotions, and homeowner and business testimonials to drive interest and engagement.

Supporting Industries and Organizations That Promote Sustainability

Our experience also includes many years of work helping companies and even entire industries promote game-changing practices and technologies that enable sustainable practices. Our decades-long program for the battery industry serves to promote safe recycling of toxic materials, participation by retailers and manufacturers, and – most challenging of all – real behavior change by everyday users of batteries and battery-powered products.

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