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Make The Last Days Of Summer Work For PR

summerpr2While some lucky European public relations folks take off the entire month of August, many of their U.S. counterparts are toiling away, taking advantage of some seasonal opportunities that these dwindling days offer. Here are some examples of how to make the end of summer the start of some great work.

Research a fresh category for new biz opportunities. The B2B tech world is bursting at the seams with new companies and products just waiting for exposure to media and markets. Make it your business to read – a lot – and come up with a “hit list” of categories, companies and contacts worth reaching out to with a relevant case history or or introductory meeting.

Sign up for that webinar on analytics, or another hot topic. Get a leg up on the competition by doing some quick online learning that will update your knowledge and advance you and your team. There are excellent sessions on everything from measurement to media strategy. Be sure to share with the office so everyone gains from the experience.

Touch base with…everyone. At least once a season I make a point of laboriously going through email and sending a “h,i how are you” to former clients, “not-yet” clients, great new business sources and media alike. This is a great time to check in and see if anyone has third-quarter plans that might include you.

Finally take that media contact out for drinks. Or coffee or lunch. It’s so difficult to do the social stuff during the year, but when it’s a little quieter everyone appreciates a casual, (no overt pitching!) get-to-know you session. It will reap benefits in the weeks or months to come.

Cancellations, anyone? Not the hotel variety, more like the morning show, conference panel or other existing opp where a placement may fall through and your executive spokesperson is there to save the day. Just put your names and topics out there and see if you get any great nibbles. In the worst-case scenario you make some new contacts who now know you for your resourcefulness.

Take hiring to the next level. Take a good look at your staffing needs and see where the gaps are. Once you’ve employed your usual methods – recruiter, alumni, LinkedIn, friends and colleagues – see if there aren’t other untried methods that could help land you the next great hire. Or at least fill the pipeline with qualified candidates as you solidify your needs.

The fourth quarter is here now. Or might as well be. What are you doing for the companies you work with to demonstrate forward-thinking for their business (and your own as well)? A little forethought now could mean the difference between a holiday season that’s a snooze or a spectacular.

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