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A Must-Read List For PR Agencies

pr readingBetween developing media strategy, taking meetings and writing press materials, the typical public relations team is crazy busy. However, no matter how hard you ply your craft, setting aside time each day for a few important reads is essential to staying current and making relevant PR decisions. We polled some peers and put together what we feel constitutes “must-reads” for those in consumer and B2B tech PR. It’s informal and by no means complete, but the list is a good overview of what’s going on in news, pop culture and politics.

The New York PostThe publication that no one admits they read, yet everyone does. And not just for its infamous Page Six gossip. The Post presents a panoply of NY-insidery information on topics such as media, real estate and entertainment mixed in with other coverage that transcends transcend NY news and its easily-digestible format means a quick read gets you up to speed.

The SkimmAn even quicker read, The Skimm bills itself as the email newsletter that gives you everything you need to know to start your day. The daily news briefs break down what’s going on in the world with fresh editorial content in a breezy style. The Skimm is designed to make the reader instantly knowledgeable and “conversational” about top news stories of the day.

Reliable Sources. You can only improve your dealings with journalists by subscribing to Brian Stelter’s blog. The CNN newsletter tackles the media world: how journalists do their jobs and how media outlets affect the stories they cover.

Business Insider.  Covers everything from tech to politics, finance and travel in versatile, timely, easy-to-read pieces. The site is now the largest business news site on the web.

Wall St. Journal. Still the gold standard for the business professional, from world news to fashion, it takes the most complex stories and turns them into fascinating reads. We also guarantee you will become a better writer if you read the Journal. Hint: The “What’s News” section covers everything you need to know.

BuzzfeedReading Buzzfeed may not make you a better writer, but you will be a fabulous pop culture maven, likely to come up with some brilliant angles for media pitches based on stories, listicles, videos etc. that you come across there. And nothing is more fun to read than Buzzfeed, and the political scoops this year have been remarkable.

The Awl. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The Awl puts a curious spin on news stories as well as ferreting out head-scratching copy on things about which you had no idea would interest you and suddenly you’re hooked. Have a look at their interesting take on obits like today’s Gene Wilder remembrance.

Politico. Even in a non-election year, Politico’s colorful, incisive stories are always winners, but in a year such as this, the site is a daily goldmine. Learn more about elections in every state and major issues as well as fun opinion pieces on why Donald Trump would actually hate being president.

TMZ, People Magazine, etc. As much as you say you don’t want to read another word about a Kardashian, the fact is the well-rounded PR pro needs to be fluent in hard news as well as puffery. Get to know the gossip and entertainment sites to determine if you can “newsjack” something relevant, or at the very least, have something interesting to talk about when waiting for “others to join” your next conference call.

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