March 7, 2019

Publishers “Rethink Revenue” At Thought Leadership Panel


Media Experts Rethink Revenue And Data At Lotame Panel

L to R: Moderator Anthony Ha, Finola Austin, Andy Monfried, Charles Wolrich, David Spiegel

Wednesday night in Chelsea, TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha led a spirited discussion on the how digital publishers can look beyond advertisers to increase revenue. The topic “Rethinking Revenue: How Can Digital Publishers Make More Money” could not have been more relevant for the audience of digital publishers and panel members, all of whom have made unlocking new revenue streams with data a priority.

Lotame, the world’s largest data management platform, hosted the discussion, and ┬áCEO Andy Monfried offered a perspective into data’s versatile role in the future of publishing, reminding the sold-out audience that there’s a big difference between monetization and advertising.

The panel included: Anthony Ha (@anthonyha) | Senior Writer, TechCrunch., David Spiegel (@davidzspiegel) | Head of Sales, New York Media. Charles Wolrich (@Hearst) | GM, Data Studio & Digital Ad Tech, Hearst Magazines, Finola Austin (@alonif01) | Director of Brand Strategy, Refinery29, Andy Monfried (@andymonfried) | Founder & CEO, Lotame.