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While those of us in public relations may differ over laptop types, or even the note-taking advantages of pen and paper, there are tech gadgets that offer great help to busy PR teams. Just like kids shopping for back-to-school supplies, now is a good time for anyone to load up on must-have tech. We did some informal polling of people in the profession and came up with some go-to gadgets and digital tools to help improve PR productivity.

Tinder for PR pros & media? App UPitch aims to be just that. Upload a story pitch or news announcement and connect with journalists interested in covering your story. Journos anonymously swipe through to see what might be relevant, then they connect. Not sure if this will take off, but worth a look.

For your inner MacGyver! So we are loving the HooToo TripMate Elite Versatile Wireless N Travel Router because it solves a few problems. It’s a portable Wi-Fi router, so if a hotel room only allows one gadget over wireless, you can connect the HooToo using Ethernet, then connect with multiple gadgets. It’s also a two-port USB charger for your phones and tablets. Connect a thumb drive, and you can share files on a mini network.

We can all be artists. Ever want to jazz up a presentation or an invite to a press event? The highly addictive app “Prisma” can turn each of us into an artist. It uses a number of artist-inspired filters to turn your ho-hum image into something wondrous and eye-catching. We dare you not to become hooked!

Taking better charge. We’ve all been there – trying to finish up a proposal while in transit or attending that extra long client meeting with no place to plug in. The Anker Power Core uses the same battery-charging tech as an iPhone, with enough capacity for two full recharges. It’s light and portable and fits in a pocket.

Increasing productivity in open space. The trend toward open-plan offices makes collaboration easier but also means coming up with creative ways to enhance focus. Here is a simple, elegant solution for when a co-worker is having a spirited conversation with a media contact or just singing out loud – the Hush “smart” earplugs. Originally designed as a sleep aid, the design lends itself to work as well.

Has the time come for PR and 3D printing? Brands from Coca-Cola to Warner Brothers have been toying with the technology for a few years now. We’re all in, because we represent WhiteClouds, a major player in 3D printer services. Its 3DPlusMe division partners with companies like Marvel and MLB to produce 3D-printed personalized merchandise. There’s untapped potential for PR to take advantage of the technology to enhance special events, company promotion and even content creation.

Finally, for the Luddite in us all, here is a selection of beautiful notebooks that will stand out at any meeting where smart PR leaders are in attendance.


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