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PR Pros: Ways To Go The Extra Mile For Clients

go the xtra milePR firms operate in a competitive climate, and it’s always important to maintain an edge. No matter what relationship stage you’re in with a consumer or B2B PR client – honeymoon, well-entrenched or somewhere in the middle – it’s always a good idea to ask, “what more can we be doing?”

Often it’s as simple as bringing a client a fresh look at the work the team is already doing or proposing something more radical with potential for achieving new exposure. Either way, these check-ins are part of account management “best practices.” Here are a few specifics:

Don’t wait to be asked. Try to read your client’s mind or at least between the lines of her emails and offer up fresh twists on existing programs or tweaks to the way you work together to improve outcomes.

Always recommend with a POV. When you are making suggestions for a new program element or direction, write a persuasive memo that begins with a recommendation supported by WHY the agency is in favor of this idea. Even if it’s not clear-cut, it’s best to offer a point-of-view. That’s what we get paid for doing.

Bring in non-team members for their perspective. Make a point of meeting with your agency brethren who work on different accounts to gain a fresh perspective on the client’s industry and the media or business environment.

Tap into others on the account side. Often the client has other terrific internal resources outside of the direct team who can provide insight and interesting company experience that can translate into PR content and ideas.

Be on all client mailing lists. Do you get internal newsletters and other appropriate company missives? You should.

Find ways to let your client know you enjoy working with them. It can be as simple as complimenting your account lead on a well-written memo or a well-told joke, or having some idle chitchat before launching into a heavy strategic conversation. Create a comfortable relationship that works!

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