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Tuesday Tips: Rebrand Yourself in 2012

The New Year provides the opportunity for a new and improved professional you.  So what should you do to freshen up your personal and professional brand in 2012?  Here are a few suggestions to help start the year off right.

Update your Linkedin profile

Take a few minutes to go over your profile and make sure all of your accomplishments, skills, and experiences are up to date.  Linkedin is one of the first places potential business contacts go to check you out, so be sure to represent yourself and your company well.

Change your social media pictures

When was the last time you changed your Facebook and Twitter pictures?  Take down that old picture from 2009 and let your social network see what the new you is really all about.

Start a blog

There aren’t many better ways to showcase your creativity and interests than starting a blog.  Whether it’s about PR, sports, cooking, or traveling, a blog is a terrific way to hone your writing skills and expand your brand while at the same time embracing your interests and personality.

Change your email signature

Make sure your email signature information is up to date, and also freshen it up a bit.  Try changing the font and add a little color and personality.

Take your clients out for lunch

The start of a new year is a great excuse to take your client out for lunch in order to touch base and discuss each other’s plans and goals moving forward.  These semi-casual lunches are a terrific way to get out of the conference room and really strengthen up your client relationships.

What do you think?  Let us know what you’ll be doing to start 2012 off with a bang!

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