Corporate Communications

A positive and enduring corporate reputation, supported by strategic corporate PR, is one of the keys to credibility and engagement among customers and business stakeholders.

A Corporate Communications Agency that Drives Brand Value through Effective PR

As a leading corporate communications agency in New York, we have helped clients in consumer products, technology, retail, and financial services build and preserve a positive image for the corporation through strategic corporate communications.

The influence of a company’s reputation extends beyond products and services to many areas of corporate involvement and perception, including community relations, corporate governance, industry leadership, and most critically, business performance. Research (UK RepTrak 2012) shows that 69% of a person’s willingness to say something positive about an organization is influenced by their perception of the company, while just 31% by what they actually think of the company’s products and services. What’s more, these perceptions are similar across stakeholder groups like policy makers, regulators, media, investors, and employees – emphasizing the need for a strong corporate communications strategy.

At Crenshaw Communications, we offer hands-on help and practical skills in helping clients shape, communicate, and protect their corporate reputation through our corporate communications strategies. We use a variety of tactics, including reputation research, executive media coaching, C-suite positioning, “thought leadership” and crisis consulting and auditing.

Our Corporate Communications Consultants Lead the Way in Corporate Social Responsibility

Given that business reputation among key constituencies is one of a company’s greatest assets, a CSR (corporate social responsibility) program is more than a buzzword – when well-designed, it’s one of the most effective ways to engage stakeholders and customers and develop allies and advocates. It can also be a real differentiator when it comes to attracting top talent to a business. We have helped many clients create this extra dimension to their corporate commitment through development of CSR campaigns that function as a natural outgrowth of corporate values and culture. Using our media relations skills and expertise, our team of corporate communications consultants develops CSR programs that are designed to engage customers, generate visibility in traditional and social media, and help support overall business objectives.

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