Social Media Marketing and PR

It’s nearly impossible to separate social media and PR strategy, given the ubiquity of digital and social media as both a news source and a driver of brand reputation and thought leadership.

A PR-Driven Social Media Marketing Agency

At Crenshaw we understand how to develop and use social media to amplify earned media coverage, boost an executive’s personal brand, and build a relationship with a company’s most important audiences and stakeholders – even for the more nuanced task of effective B2B social media marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing Services Must Align with Public Relations

As a PR and social media marketing agency, we know how valuable social media is in the execution of your overall PR strategy. In our practice, we follow certain guidelines for the development of an effective social media strategy within a broader PR program. Our social media marketing strategies start with a social audit of your category and analysis of competitors and partners. We then take a deep dive into the persona of your audience and identify potential key opinion leaders to ensure maximum relevance in the content shared, while helping you develop a brand voice and engage in conversation with your audience.

Social media engagement and activity doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so your social media marketing strategy shouldn’t either; it should be informed by the company’s overall communications strategy. The PR and social functions should be aligned and professional communicators ideally involved in the social media strategy and content creation. As a social media marketing agency, we are natural storytellers who know how to craft a narrative or foster a conversation that’s a real dialogue, not a one-way commercial pitch.

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