Strategic Brand Positioning and Messaging

A well-designed communications plan is more than just a collection of tactics that generate good PR; it’s a strategic asset for a brand or a business.

B2B Branding Strategies for Strong Brand Positioning

In our view, the foundation for any PR or communications campaign is a strong and well-differentiated brand positioning. It informs the strategy and the messaging throughout the PR narrative, aligns communications across different media channels and social platforms, and serves as a “bible” for both internal and external communications.

That’s why our B2B branding services center around the communications plan. It can enhance brand perception, improve relationships with stakeholders and customers, and help build a valuable brand reputation.

Our Brand Agency Emphasis on Positioning and Messaging

At Crenshaw, our B2B branding plan starts with a review of the client’s brand communications strategy, or in the case of a new brand, helping the client define and articulate that strategy. We will then craft and refine its most important messages, which is essential for the selection of the right communications channels and creation of the tactical part of the communications program.

Typically the process begins with a brand communications audit. The audit, a form of qualitative research, is designed to analyze the perception of important audiences like customers, prospects, channel partners, and employees.

In collaboration with our client, we review the brand’s market position, insights from market research and our own perception audits, taking into account external insights, like industry trends, disruptive influences, category changes, and competitive moves. In addition, we will generally conduct an editorial and social media audit to help deliver the right mix of media outlets for an effective media relations campaign. The next step involves identifying the most high-value audiences; a good brand communications strategy should take into account both external audiences, as well as internal ones, including employees and stakeholders.

Finally, the audience identification will drive the development of the most important brand messages that differentiate the business or brand from competitors, followed by the most effective PR and social media tactics and tools to get the job done. Browse our case histories to get a deeper feel for how we approach both strategy and execution.

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