Visual Identity and Collateral Development

Visual identity is the “front door” of corporate reputation, and it has an enormous impact on brand perception.

Visual and Corporate Identity Design: Beyond The Logo

Corporate and brand identity is an expression of a brand’s character and its promise to customers. It’s the one key feature that a customer has the ability to notice, remember, and recognize. Like a brand name, a unique and compelling brand identity is a tangible asset that works in concert with marketing and public relations to create awareness of a company’s capabilities and strengths, – in short, a true competitive advantage.

Collateral, Websites, Newsletters, and more

Visual identity is more than just a logo or a company’s business collateral. A “tired” or fragmented identity can undermine strategic marketing and PR programs. If your current corporate identity or visual brand design is dated or lacking, it sends an erroneous message about the company, its culture, and even its product offering.

The branding and visual identity process has changed since the “golden age” of classic U.S. brands like Coca-cola and Nike, but it’s probably even more important given the ubiquity of digital media. Today’s visual identity is more flexible, and it is communicated in many ways beyond a brand’s logo: its website, social touchpoints, even the office or physical environment.

We collaborate with our clients and often with trusted design partners to manage visual identity and collateral development across a broad spectrum of digital and traditional media, bearing in mind the key role that a coherent and consistent visual identity plays across multiple platforms.

In particular, new initiatives, subbrands, or milestone events like anniversaries can require a fresh perspective and a new look. We help clients make the most of their unique brand attributes and celebrate successes by expressing visual identity in sophisticated design elements like collateral, e-newsletters, multimedia presentations, and online promotions.

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