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October 19, 2012

Which Brands Are Winning The 2012 Election PR Race?

by: in: communications, Crenshaw Communications, imPRessions, public relations

This election year has brought plenty of PR fodder, and not just for media and political pundits. As always, it offers opportunities for brand marketers and PR experts to jump into the race. Yet, election tie-ins are tricky, particularly during such a partisan time. Not all are winners. From bad to brilliant, here are some…
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March 15, 2011

PR By Another Name: Public Relations and the “New” Competition

by: in: advertising, branding, communications, Crenshaw Communications, imPRessions, marketing, public relations

The chemistry was great, our experience perfect, and they loved the proposal. But, in a twist, the account went to a “digital brand management” shop whose website touts its ability to drive visibility and engagement. PR by another name? The “creative destruction of PR“? It’s true that social media has changed the game for our…
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