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January 18, 2010

What PR Boom?: Why The Recession Hasn't Helped Public Relations

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Like  my peers, I was interested to read the latest article about our industry in The Economist. Titled “Good News,” the piece posits that PR has profited during the recession, since so many companies have suffered business and reputation declines. It cites the latest Veronis Suhler Stevenson data indicating a 3% growth for the PR business in…
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December 21, 2009

Domino's Serves Up A New PR Recipe

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Call it a mid-life crisis. On the eve of its 50th birthday, Domino’s is throwing its pizza recipe – and its business – up in the air. The company recently announced it has changed “everything” about its products, from crust to sauce. To top things off, it’s invited influential bloggers, some of whom have criticized its product –…
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April 16, 2009

When Bad Things Happen To Good Brands

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  Too often, a company’s own failings can put its brand at risk.  But, as the world knows, sometimes — well, stuff just happens.  Earlier this week, Domino’s Pizza found itself facing a brand reputation crisis when two North Carolina store employees videotaped themselves doing disgusting things to food and placed the video on YouTube…
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