August 31, 2009

Is Multitasking A Myth?

by: in: creativity, Crenshaw Communications, public relations, social media, technology

Like many PR professionals, I consider myself a decent multitasker. I find plenty of ways to justify my surface-skimming ways, including the most obvious excuse, the nature of the agency business. And, yes, I’ve occasionally had a superiority complex about my juggling act. I used to work with someone who never tried to take on more than…
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June 15, 2009

Zen And The Art of Mindful Multitasking

by: in: Crenshaw Communications, public relations, technology

    Do I have your attention? I didn’t think so. In a world of hyperlinked blogs, pop-up emails, and 140-character updates, it’s natural to wonder about attention span, and whether ours is stretched to the limit. In the agency business, “attention-shifting” is a professional hazard and practically a pre-requisite for success.  I blame the business,…
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