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October 5, 2010

Five Things I Learned On The Client Side

by: in: communications, Crenshaw Communications, public relations

Guest post by Patricia Gibney After many years in the agency world – from boutiques to multinationals – I found myself in that magical place called in-house. As a client, I looked forward to developing a company-wide communications strategy. I envisioned following an orderly protocol for media relations, being the internal expert and adviser to senior…
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March 1, 2010

When Not To Hire A PR Firm

by: in: communications, Crenshaw Communications, public relations, reputation

Like Tolstoy’s observation about unhappy families, relationships between clients and their PR agencies go bad for different reasons. That’s why I can’t respond directly to a piece in today’s Huffington Post that questions the relevance of PR firms today. Grant Cardone’s “Do PR Firms Make Sense Anymore?” recounts his failed and apparently fruitless relationships with three…
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