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January 7, 2014

Better Brand PR: How To Work With A Third-Party Spokesperson

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Brand spokesperson. It’s a time-honored PR strategy, and for good reason. The right spokesperson can add depth to your message, help tell a story, and confer appealing attributes that the brand may lack or need to amplify. But borrowing expertise, or sheer glamour, from a third party always carries risks. Just ask Samsung, which suffered…
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November 12, 2013

Tuesday Tips: So You Want to Hire a PR Firm? Eliminate these Roadblocks First

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As senior level communicators or marketers look to enhance their capabilities with outside talent, one consideration should be retaining a public relations agency. Marketing execs are often the keepers of brand image and sometimes the corporate image as well. Who wouldn’t benefit from competent, connected and creative PR thinking? And yet. Some companies plunge into…
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