April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Tech Tools That Make PR Work, Work Better

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Work demands are always changing, but thanks to technology, we can be better prepared, more organized and more confident of doing our job efficiently. Here are some great tech tools for PR pros and others to consider to make work…well…work better. 30/30 Task management can be daunting. 30/30 simplifies it and even makes it fun….
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September 28, 2012

TGIF: Matchmaking in the Office…no it’s NOT what you’re thinking

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Some of the most complicated and thoughtful decisions a PR agency head must make involve staffing a new or transitioning account. There is truly an element of matchmaking involved to ensure the personalities mesh well and the relationship is productive. Sometimes, missteps occur and a strategic course correction is in order, but here are a…
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January 31, 2012

5 Productivity Tricks to Employ Now!

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With the first month of 2012 almost at a close, everyone is reevaluating their New Year’s Resolutions. Are you still taking advantage of your new gym membership? Did you find a way to keep fried foods off of your dinner menu? Are you still volunteering at a local organization? But most importantly to those in…
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