October 18, 2011

When A New Name Is Bad PR: A Rebranding Gone Sour

by: in: advertising, branding, Crenshaw Communications, imPRessions

A new name often brings a reputation lift – suggesting renewed relevance or sweetening an unpalatable handle. Which would you rather eat – Patagonian Tooth Fish or Chilean Sea Bass? But beware the rebranding for reputation reasons. It can make news, but not always in a good way. Right now, a bitter battle’s brewing over the…
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October 11, 2010

The Gap’s New Logo: Bad Fit or Savvy PR Move?

by: in: branding, communications, Crenshaw Communications, crisis management, public relations, social media

It almost seemed like a PR stunt. When the Gap replaced its iconic logo with a new visual identity, Gap-watchers were not just alienated.  They seemed to take it personally. It was as if a fortyish suburban dad suddenly hired a downtown stylist. Branding experts decried the Helvetica font with its tech-y box as “lazy,” and fashion bloggers rejected…
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