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TGIF: Make the End of the Year Count

Five weeks and counting til the end of 2011. This time period can make the difference between true productivity and utter slacking. But there are ways to strike a healthy balance. Here are some tips to help you aim for the former with a little of the latter thrown in for good cheer.

Prioritize that to-do list. Try focusing on the things that have to be completed in this calendar year. You can worry about everything else after the ball has dropped and your social commitments have returned to a normal level.

Make contact with every contact. It’s the holidays; do you need more of a reason? Go through your entire database, or even your “sent” emails and drop everyone a cheery little line. Forward an interesting news story or holiday-themed blog post, — anything to spark a conversation.

Keep your office all business. Decorating the office for the holidays is fun…in common areas. But in your personal space, it might be helpful to leave out the tiny tree and tinsel. Keeping your workspace completely focused on the project at hand might make it easier to concentrate.

Make a game plan for every day of the next five weeks that you are working. Be sure to make your work and social schedule detailed and complete and keep lists on your smartphone or laptop. That way, you’ll remember what you have to do to bring work projects to fruition and what’s needed to stay ahead of parties and gift-giving.

Factor sleep into the equation. During the holiday hustle, it’s easy to spend every waking second working or socializing. Make sure you grab your z’s.

What will you do to stay productive during the last weeks of 2011?

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